The Chinese military deployed many fighters to cross the middle road in the Taiwan Strait, causing Taipei to mobilize the monitoring force.

6 naval ships and 22 Chinese military aircraft were discovered around Taiwan on August 14.


Photo: Sino Defence

The Chinese J-10C fighter training in 2017. Photo: Sino Defence.

10 Chinese aircraft cross the median, the boundary is implicitly understood as the Taiwan Strait, including 4 Su-30 fighters, two J-10 light fighters, two J-11 aircraft and

Taiwanese defense forces closely monitored the situation, and deployed fighters, warships and ground missile systems to react and release the paragraph.

The Chinese Defense Ministry has not commented on information.

Activities took place on the same day as a tour of Taiwan's island of the delegation, including 5 American MPs, led by the Democratic Senator Ed Markey, Chairman

US lawmakers are expected to discuss with Taiwanese officials on a series of issues such as regional security, trade, investment, global supply chain and climate change.


Photo: FT

The visit takes nearly two weeks after US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island despite opposition and threats from China.

The median line (blue) along the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan has been a hot issue in the bilateral relations US - China in recent years.

The United States committed to respect the principle of one China, but continued to maintain relations with Taiwan and provide the island of modern weapons.

The unprecedented major exercise around Taiwan could help the United States collect data on the Chinese military's combat capacity.

Taiwan spent Chinese white books that announced the policy with the island, while Beijing called Taiwan's reaction a smear.