Chinaceo a famous cosmetic company decided to spend $ 77,000 to the American artificial insemination after not finding the appropriate husband.

Diep Ha Duong, 33 years old, CEO Cosmetic Cosmetics DC Export, causing a stir with a stackless statement, only need children and went to America to buy sperm for more than three years ago.



Born in a normal family, Diep Hai Duong to Beijing established a business from the white hand.

Diep Ha Duong and daughter Doris.

Successful career but Diep Hai always feels lonely.

After many times, fear of children born without his father will be elderly affairs, Diep Hai Duong is still determined to be a single mother.

Diep Ha Duong finally chose the sperm of a brown-eyed, white, blonde, foreign-oriented personality for $ 77,000.

After 10 months of pregnancy, she was born Doris, a hybrid baby with a country of 5 countries.

I am the driving force to strive every mother's day.

Diep Hai Duong continued to cause a stir when deciding to give birth to Doris.

Decision of Diep Ha Duong causes a mixed response on Chinese society.

This is a life of a human life that makes people admire but not easily, not anyone who has money to do.