Russian officials appointed the Kherson city to become fortresses and are preparing to defend before Ukraine's attack.

The situation is really difficult.


Photo: RIA Novosti

The statement was brought out by Mr. Stremousov in the context of the Ukrainian forces, with Western weapons, in recent weeks opened attacks along the west bank of Dnieper River to Kherson, the capital of the province of the same name.

Mr. Stremousov also accused Ukraine for shelling against a bridge in Kherson province that killed 4 people, including two reporters, and 13 injured.

Ukrainian military spokesman Nataliya Gumenyuk then denied the information, confirming that the military was not responsible for the attack and did not target civilians.

Russian soldiers in Kherson province, southern Ukraine on August 15.

The Russian army controlled the city of Kherson and the province of the same name since March. Kherson was the first major city that Russia controlled after fighting in Ukraine.



The Russian provincial officials appointed on October 18 announced to support local people to Russian provinces, as well as provide free residence and everything necessary.

Oleksii Hromov, a senior official of the Ukrainian Army General Staff Department, said Russia was sending additional forces to consolidate the route in Kherson province to prevent the Ukrainian army from moving towards Kherson.

The Ukrainian battlefield situation after more than 7 months of fighting.

The Ukrainian military official said that Russia was sending troops to consolidate the defense near the Kherson city.

The Ukrainian army focused his power to regain Kherson, while Russia decided to fight to the end, leaving this strategic city into a hot spot.