The EU is expected to aid about US $ 17.7 billion for Ukraine in 2023, equivalent to nearly US $ 1.5 billion per month.

During the press conference on October 21, Ursula Von Der Leyen's European Commission said that the European Union (EU) was expected to finance 1.5 billion EUR (US $ 1.46 billion) for Ukraine every month.


Photo: AFP

The overall figure is 18 billion EUR (US $ 17.7 billion) for next year, the amount that Ukraine can trust and is also a stable, reliable and predictable financial source, Ms. Von Der Leyen said.

We have assigned tasks to the Finance Ministers to develop appropriate mechanisms.

Von Der Leyen also said Ukraine has asked international sponsors to provide stable, reliable and predictable macroeconomic support.

Ursula Von Der Leyen European Commission Chairwoman at a press conference in Brussels, Belgium on October 21.

The request was given in the context of Ukraine's economy destroyed after nearly 8 months of war.

Von Der Leyen said the money will be provided by the US, the US and international economic organizations, transferred as cash pumps.

In the joint statement after the summit on October 21, EU leaders said that they would quickly provide three billion EURs (US $ 2.93 billion) that were allocated to Ukraine, and called on the European Commission

Oleg Ustenko, an economic adviser of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on September 22, estimates that the country damaged nearly $ 1,000 billion due to war.

Ukrainian officials said the Ukrainian government has a sharp reduction in spending, but the country still has a deficit of about US $ 4.9 billion per month.

Russia recently promoted the ambush aimed at Ukraine's military command, energy and bullet infrastructure.

It is not clear the impact of Russia's recent raids to the Ukraine economy, but the people of the country are at risk of facing difficulties in the cold winter due to electricity shortage.

Russia increased the raid of Ukraine energy infrastructure, causing widespread power outages, which could cause the people of the country to face the harsh cold of winter.

Kiev said Russia's military campaign caused nearly $ 1,000 billion damage to the country, when fighting continued to devastate the Ukrainian economy.