Wagner member Dao Hao, erected obstacles with concrete outside the city in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine in case the opponent attacked.

The satellite photo by Maxar Technologies, based in the US, published on October 21, shows that the route is about two km long setting outside the city of Gorskoye in Lugansk province, eastern Ukraine.


Photo: Maxar

This route has two tank barriers built with pyramid concrete blocks.

Wagner line in satellite photos published on October 21.

The Russian media last week reported to the Wagner room, built by the military contractors of the Wagner Private Security Company.

The Russian Zvezda channel reported that this was the second line of the Russian force in Lugansk province if Ukraine tried to attack in the region.

Wagner military contractors said they were consolidating their positions in Lugansk province, eastern Ukraine, the previous area of the people of the People's Republic of Lugansk (LPR) self -proclaimed scattered.


Photo: RIA FAN

In case the opponent raided, we were ready to respond.

A section of the Wagner route outside the city of Gorskoye, Lugansk province on October 15.

Wagner will not lose position anywhere, we always attack even when the force is less.

The Russian fan news agency on October 20 published a map showing that Wagner plans to build a line from the city of Svetlodarsk to the Russian-Ukraine border, then run along the administrative boundary of Lugansk province that Russia

An American expert said the map showed that the route will be about 217 km long.


Photo: RIA FAN

This is not the first time Wagner military contractors have used the trench tactics to strengthen the route.

Wagner is a Russian private security company established in 2014 with about 8,000 members.

The area is expected to build the Wagner route.

The United States and the EU coordinated to apply a series of new sanctions to prevent Iran from transferring to Russia to kill suicide, weapons could escalate Ukraine.

Russian officials appointed the Kherson city to become fortresses and are preparing to defend before Ukraine's attack.