The United States and Japan are expected to organize a reversing rehearsal of money and cope with ballistic missiles with the participation of 36,000 soldiers.

Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu on October 21 announced that the Japanese defense force (JSDF) and the US military will hold a joint rehearsal on November 10, simulating the reaction before the raids raids


Photo: US Navy

The drill is scheduled to be held in southern Japan with the participation of 36,000 soldiers, 30 naval ships and 370 aircraft of the armed forces of the two countries.

General logistics facilities for fuel storage and equipment will be set at Kinser base of the US Marines in Urasoe on Okinawa Island, as well as on Amami Oshima Island.

JS Kaga helicopter (before), USS Ronald Reagan and the battleships participated in the joint exercise in the Philippines in October 2020.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense said the country's V-22 Osprey Helicopter and the US will first participate in joint training on the Nansei Islands, southern Japan.

Britain and Australia will send a battleship to the rehearsal, this is the first time the navy of these two countries has sent the forces to participate in the operation of the US and Japan military, Canada expected to send two naval ships.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan announced that the rehearsal was not designed for any specific country.

The US State Department approved to Japan 32 SM-6 Block I missiles, Washington's only talent was capable of blocking the super-negative warhead.

Japan and the US's fighters conducted a joint exercise as a move in response to North Korea's ballistic missile launch.