All 6 of the 10 aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy personnel on the East Coast are currently in port for repair, supply or overhaul.

The US Navy in early October had to decide to extend the deployment time of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln because the ship that replaced it, USS Harry S. Truman, was undergoing longer than expected repair.


USS George H aircraft carrier Photo: US Navy

US Senator Elaine Luria last week pointed out that all six aircraft carriers in the East Coast area could not be deployed in the near future, as they are under repair or overhaul at the Norfolk naval base or factory. Newport ship.

"The plant is facing the biggest overlapping projects in years. We are addressing challenges," said Chris Miner, vice president of aircraft carrier aviation at Newport, for know October 28.

The lack of aircraft carriers has been warned since March in a naval report to the US Congress, which asked Congress to allocate funds appropriate to the needs of repair and supply facilities. version to ensure stable operation requirements.

A number of US aircraft carriers have been stationed at the beginning of the year for a planned overhaul, but the ships that replaced them were in trouble and could not guarantee their readiness. The aircraft carrier George H. W. Bush is undergoing a major overhaul of 28 months, which is expected to end in mid-2021. The George Washington aircraft carrier will not be ready to fight until the end of 2021 until the end of 2021.

The John C. Stennis ship docked in May to overhaul and replenish as planned, but the process was delayed until the plant completed work on the George Washington. In the meantime, John C. Stennis will become a training ground for pilots who are not eligible to fly aircraft carriers.

Other carriers may set sail in weeks or months. Dwight D. Eisenhower completed the pre-deployment test in early October, but the ship needed to complete another training.

The US Navy could take delivery of the 11th aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford later this year after a long delay in handover due to a problem with the systems on the ship. Eleven advanced electric lift (AWE) powered by electromagnetic energy is a new feature on board, but only two of these reach operational capability. The engineers said that it is difficult to ensure the progress of troubleshooting the AWE elevator according to the set schedule.

The U.S. Navy's 2nd Fleet was forced to deploy an aircraft carrier task force but had no aircraft carrier in September, when the carrier Harry S. Truman was decommissioned in late August to repair the electrical system, while the backup ship Dwight D. Eisenhower is undergoing basic training after 18 months of maintenance.

Miner said it would prioritize repairing the Harry S. Truman with technicians and equipment maintenance for aircraft carriers George H. W. Bush and George Washington. A US Navy spokesman said the force did not want the repair of Harry S. Truman to delay the overhaul and refueling of other aircraft carriers.

The US Navy currently has only 18 floating docks serving 11 aircraft carriers and dozens of submarines, 21 floating docks serving 109 surface ships. The administration of US President Donald Trump plans to expand the fleet from 287 to 355 battleships by 2034. Experts say the state of the majority of warships since the Cold War is a major obstacle to this ambition.