Haitham bin Tariq, cousin of King Qaboos bin Said has just died, sworn to become the leader of Oman today.

"Haitham bin Tariq has been sworn to be the next Sultan of Oman after a royal council meeting to appoint a successor," the Omani government Twitter account posted on the state today.


Oman Heritage and Cultural Minister Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, cousin of the late Qaboos bin Said Photo: witter/Al Watan.

The news comes as Sultan Qaboos bin Said died last night at age 79 without children and did not publicly designate a successor. He had a checkup and cancer treatment in Belgium last month.

A 1996 law of Oman requires the royal family to choose the throne within three days after the king's death. If the royal family fails to reach a consensus, a council of military and security officials, the chief judge and the head of the two houses of parliament will empower the king to secretly write his name in a painting. sealed letter.

Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, 65, used to be the Minister of Oman Heritage and Heritage and is said to be on the sealing list with two other cousins of the late Qaboos king.