The world recorded more than 22 million people infected with nCoV, nearly 777,000 people died, many countries continue to witness a sudden increase in new infections.

213 countries and regions recorded 22,029,475 nCoV infections and 776,623 deaths, up 215,656 and 3,393 cases after 24 hours, respectively, while 14,772,819 people have recovered, according to the update page.


Medical staff took samples of Covid-19 for a woman in Zagreb, Croatia on August 17 Photo: AFP

The US, the world's largest epidemic zone, recorded 5,609,659 cases and 173,626 deaths, an increase of 44,964 and 554 cases compared to the day before.

US President Donald Trump said the federal government will provide up to 125 million reusable masks to school districts across the US, while urging states to allow students to return to school, despite warnings

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that more than 96% of schools in California, the state most heavily affected by Covid-19 in the US, will begin the new school year online.

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