Lieutenant Colonel Featherstone lost his position because he was said to control F / A-18D fighter flight along the runway too low and too fast.

The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper of the United States announced yesterday the video of the flight performed during the parting of the 225th F / A-18D Hornet fighter jet. last week.


F / A-18D fighter of 225th Division performed in 2018 Photo: Twitter/Cn_Hiroshi.

Featherstone was found to have driven the F / A-18D to fly "too fast and too low for the plan" at a ceremony held at the marines air base Miramar. The video of the event was removed from the data sharing pages of the Pentagon shortly after the decision to resign.

However, many aviation experts say this penalty is too heavy and the flight is not as dangerous as described.

"In the 30 years of participating in the air show and 25 years of reporting on military aviation, I have witnessed many more dangerous performances. We may not have grasped the whole story yet, but the flight song. "It's too low." I believe people do not see it as dangerous, whether experts or not, "aviation analyst David Cenciotti said.

The Marine official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said General Kevin Iiams, commander of the 3rd Marine Corps, wanted to punish Featherstone to "set an example" and promote the implementation of aviation safety procedures.

"Don't forget that the farewell ceremony marks the transition from the Hornet fighter to the F-35B. It is an event to boost morale before the unit enters a new chapter. Does anyone see anything?" Not safe 'in that flight?', Cenciotti added.