Many Chinese raced to fall in the price of a normal porcelain vase in the auction in France, with the winner of nearly 8 million euros.

Guardian on October 3 reported at the auction at Fontainebleau, near the capital Paris, France, about 30 participants, mainly Chinese, continuously priced to win the right to buy a vase for sale with sold with


Photo: Maison Osenat.

Buyers think that this porcelain vase is a rare antiques from the 18th century.

Including the tax fees, the Chinese winning auctions had to pay a total of 9.12 million euros (about 9 million USD) to own the vase.

The normal Chinese porcelain vase is sold nearly 8 million euros at the auction in France.

This porcelain vase was sent by an unnamed woman in a French overseas territory to the auction party.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Osenat representing the Osenat Auction Center called this incident crazy.

Osenat describes the blue -white porcelain vase, with clouds and dragon motifs, just a normal item dating back to the 20th century. If the vase is an antiques from the 18th century, it will be extremely rare, according to

Right from posting auction product information, we have received a lot of attention from Chinese people, but our experts still judge the non -antique vase, the director of the Osenat Cedric Auction Center.

The suspicion of the Nazis Hitler last week was sold for $ 1.1 million, lower than the appraisers.

The picture of Our Lady and the child sold for $ 30 in 2016 was the work of Albrecht Dürer, which could be worth tens of millions of dollars.