The Philippines most injured in Zamboanga city when hustle and tuition supported tuition before the first school.

About 5,000 people gathered in front of a high school in Zamboanga, southern Philippines, on the morning of August 20 to receive tuition support from the Government before the back -to -school.


Photo: AFP.

The subsidy began to be distributed nationwide yesterday.

The crowd when the school heard that Truong was about to open the gate was crowded.

Medical staff present at the scene of the hustle and receiving money in Zamboanga, southern Philippines on August 20.

Erwin Tulfo, Philippine Philippines and Development Minister, said at least 29 people were being treated at Zambboanga Hospital for slightly rubbed.

A similar jostling incident occurred on the same day at the headquarters of the Philippine Welfare and Development in Manila.

Most schools in the Philippines reopened on August 22.

The Philippines is one of the countries restoring the most direct teaching model in the world, due to concerns about Covid-19.

However, the cost of sending children to school is a headache problem for the poor.

The majority of the world has lifted the restrictions on Covid-19 to live with the pandemic, but the outbreaks still have a serious influence in many places.

Europe and the United States loosened a series of restrictions on Covid-19 when the epidemic situation reduced heat, while in East Asia, Hong Kong became hot spots and tightening rules.