From the middle of the summer, the Delta strain spilled into California, causing hospitals to stop the patient, the number of deaths skyrocketed, but the situation has so far changed positively.

NCOV cases in California are still much higher than in the early summer, with an average of 9,300 new cases every day, while this figure on July 1 is only 758, according to Washington Post's data.


Photo: Reuters

The number of hospitalizations last week has decreased by about 10% across the state.

At the beginning of the week, the American Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) had lowered the warning of viral infection in California from a significant high level.

Experts highly appreciate medical measures that the California State Governments apply to curb pavilitial strains such as Delta, including efforts to promote vaccination.

People wearing a mask passing through the sea instructions for immunizations Covid-19 in Los Angeles, California, USA, on August 17.

More than 57% of California's population has a dose of Vaccine Covid-19, higher than the national average.

Governor California Gavin Newsom also requires Covid-19 vaccination to government employees and employees in high-risk environments, and deploying incentives such as the largest vaccine lottery program in the country.

California generally has a high vaccination rate and allows local closer to non-pharmaceutical interventions, their level of testing is very good.

It is likely to add outbreaks in areas with lower immunity levels in California.

Florida and Texas, two populous states have not implemented vaccination and wearing good masks with California, have faced a more serious outbreak.

California noted about 35 cases of over 100,000 people a day at the worst time, but as of September 16, this figure dropped to 24 shifts.

Compared to many other states, California has taken quick steps, aware of the severity and imposing additional control measures.

John Swartzberg, expert in infectious diseases at the University of California in Berkeley, indicating that the state's success lies in people who are generally ready to receive public health guidelines.

The Governor of New Newsom passing the dotted vote on September 14 seems to show the Californians agree with the Covid-19 of the government.

But despite positive signs, the Delta transformation war in California is still challenging.

Besides, although the infection rate has decreased in densely populated places in recent weeks, the numbers in the central valley areas and the northern rural areas are still high.

Swartzberg warns that the loosening of limited measures too soon can reverse the achievements that California extremely attempts to achieve.

We need to draw lessons from previous experiences.