A large storm with winds up to 140 km / h is about to land the southern coast of India, amid the country in the Covid-19 crisis.

Tauktae, the first big storm in this year's hurricane season, moving with a speed of 11 km / h in the Arab sea, how Veraval, Gujarat, about 660 km south of South - Southeast.


Photo: AP.

The Indian Meteorology Department predicted that Typhoon Tauktae would land Gujarat on May 18.

Relatives died for reasons other than Covid-19 performed ceremonies in the Periyar River in heavy rain in Kochi, Kerala, India, on May 15.

Nearly 2,500 government rescue workers have been deployed in 6 states on the way of Typhoon Tauktae, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 15 went on storms' storm response.


Photo: Google Maps

Tauktae storms threatened to destroy the road system, cut off the routes providing medical supplies and relief Covid-19, hindering the anti-translation efforts of India.

Storm Tauktae clouds off India offshore.

India is constantly suffering from a terrible destruction, but climate change causes them to become more violent.