Mungyeong city authorities are strictly criticized because the campaign encourages older farmers to marry Vietnamese students.

Human Rights Center for women migrating in Korea last weekend, said it was found in April's document of Mungyeong city government, Bac Gyeongsang province, which encourages men to do farming over the age of ending


Photo: Korea Times.

The Mungyeong government said the campaign encourages this marriage to minimize the decline in population and aging.

Demonstration against foreign bride violence in Seoul, Korea, 2018. Photo: Korea Times.

Human Rights Center for Women Migration in Korea accused the Mungyeong government, which is responsible for preventing international marriages to be commercialized, but now for such marriages.

63 Civil organizations, including hotline for Korean women, with 144 individuals who have attended a lawsuit.

A Vietnamese student, appearing in the press conference of the Human Rights Center for migrating women in Korea, accusing the campaign of Mungyeong city is a consequence of negative prejudices that women in Vietnam come to Korea

We, students with decent study abroad visas, to Korea to enjoy high quality education and pursue their dreams.

Vietnam topped the number of women married to Korean men with about 6,000 people a year.