How long the optimism of Sergio Segarra did not last long, when Ca Covid-19 at his hospital was increasing with a number of multipliers and became heavy.

When seeing articles about hospitals in California with the empty Covid-19 treatment where I craveed it.


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Segarra had started to feel optimistic when the number of Covid-19 patients at his hospital dropped below 20 last month.

As a medical expert, it was sadly sad when he had to witness too many people died because a disease was generally preventing.

With the number of NCOV infections that are increasing in most of the country, due to non-vaccinated people and transformations of delta, the number of US hospitals is also on the rise, causing the health system again to prepare

At the current hot spots such as Florida and Missouri, where the patient is quickly filling Covid-19 treatment areas, experts warning the number of deaths may soon increase.

Outside the emergency room of a hospital in Orlando city, Florida, USA, on March 24.

Texas County Memorial Leaders in Houston City, Missouri, said half of Covid-19 deaths from the beginning of this year, including 8 cases, were recorded in the past week.

According to the Hospital's Hellanian Wulff spokesman, only more than 23% of the Texas seed population injects at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Lauren Toman, the hospital's respiratory director, said in previous bosses, patients tended to be older and carrying a background pathology, but now switched to young and healthy people.

Patients weaken quickly, extremely fast, even after intubation.

Erik Frederick, Administrative Director of Mercy Hospital in Springfield City, Missouri, also said they are witnessing the number of patients with an unbelievable speed.

The number of Covid-19 patients at our hospital on September 1, 2020 was 24, until the new 28/12/2020 reached a peak of 113 people.

Frederick rated a direct relationship between the low vaccination rate with an increase in the number of cases and hospitalization.

Patients treated at Frederick's hospital also tend to be younger.

Health leaders in other regions in the US are recognizing similar conditions.

In Mississippi state, where less than 34% of the population was fully vaccinated, the medical authorities warned the rise of the Delta transformation that made 7 children to treat Covid-19 in the active care room, including

However, even those who have been injected are not completely escaped.

When learning about those patients carefully, the problem of drawing is that they all carry serious chronic illnesses.

Experts also said that although vaccines are very effective, they are not perfect.

According to the leaders of hospitals, this Covid-19 outbreak occurred in the midst of health workers who were exhausted and suffered from a persistent war that lasted more than a year.

What I fear is whether we can pass again?

Toman said she understood the psychology of hesitating vaccines of some people, but boosting vaccination would be the only way to stop this monster.

We have not achieved the desired progress on Covid-19 treatment, but have moved the miracle to prevent infection.

The US did not achieve the goal of President Joe Biden, which was injected at least one dose of Vaccine Covid-19 for 70% of the mature population to the National Day 4/7.

We are facing a community medical situation beyond their personal needs.

If you are standing in front of a vaccination decision, think about the good that you will bring about society and community, because the vaccine not only helps prevent your risk of infection, but also avoid your prospects