A new NCOV strain can appear in this year's winter, although it is unclear the level of danger, according to the French Government's scientific advisor.

We can witness the appearance of another strain in the early winter, Jean-Francois Delfraisy, head of the French government science council, said today.


Photo: AFP

The warning given by Delfraissy in the context of the French is suffering from a bad infection increase due to Delta's transformation.

He admitted not to predict the consequences as well as the danger of the new strain to appear, adding that NCOV has a relatively limited mutation in the current context.

Patient Covid-19 Treatment in French Capital Suburbs of France on July 22.

The French scientist also called on people to maintain social ways of social and masks, identifying life that can return to normal in 2022 or 2023. The biggest challenge in the next few years is how we survive

France is applying the Covid-19 Pathing System, which requires people to present a certificate of vaccination or negative PCR test results within 48 hours if they want to go to cultural facilities or entertainment locations with

This measure is part of the efforts of President Emmanuel Macron to promote France's Vaccine Covid-19 vaccination campaign, in the context of this country, it is inspired by the 4. However, it is also excited to criticize

France is now the world's fifth Covid-19 epidemic area, with more than 5.9 million cases and more than 111,000 people died.