Anhlulu Lakatos must submit to court because he falsifies a gemstone specialist to stretch 7 diamonds worth 5.7 million USD at Kim Hoan London.

British prosecutors on July 20 said women named Lulu Lakatos, 60 years old, have paid a gemstone specialist to go to the Boodles jewelry store in Mayfair, London, in March 2016 to conduct tricks


Photo: AP.

Under the cover is an expert of a gemstone, Lakatos has priced 7 diamonds, including a 20-carat-weighted heart-shaped and worth over $ 2.9 million.

A boodles gem store.

However, the next day, the Diamond assessment expert of Boodles suddenly doubted and opened the bag to check and discovered inside only 7 pebbles instead of 7 diamonds.

According to the prosecutor Philip Stott, Lakatos used a skilled trick to cross the eyes of the staff, stretching the diamond numbers right at the gemstone.

After successfully stretching the diamond bag, Lakatos contacted two coins to rent a car and moved to France.

By September last year, Lakatos was arrested according to Europe's wanted orders and was extradited to England.