Many Russians flocked to the vaccination points after the officials tightened limited measures with non-vaccine Covid-19 vaccines.

At an emergency vaccination point in Metropolis Shopping Center in Moskva, dozens of Russians satch the entrance to wait for Vaccine Sputnik V.


Photo: Tass.

A queue said he was waiting for 3-4 hours here, before rushing to the crowd to fill out the medical information form.

One of the main reasons perimbagged by Moskva officials and many other cities added new restrictions to non-vaccinated people.

A woman injecting Vaccine Covid-19 in Talovka, Kamyshin Prefecture, Russia.

I don't completely trust the vaccine, but the moment I don't think I have any other choice, Anastasia Lavrentyeva, who works on personnel, says.

She hopes strict limited measures that are only temporary and outdoor events will be allowed at the end of this summer.

Tightening measures are given between Russia who witness a new outbreak, with more than 20,000 cases per day in the past few days.

In general, the vaccination is still voluntary, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said.

The constructure of vaccination is also indirectly causing the black market for a strong vaccination certificate.