Tens of thousands of Palestinian supporters protested in American and Canadian cities, called on the end of Israeli attacks into the Gaza Strip.

The protest with Palestinians took place in American cities including New York, Boston, Washington, Dearborn, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Photo: AFP

They waved the Palestinian flag and held the banners with the content "ending Israeli racism" and "freedom for Gaza".

Thousands of people marched Palestine in Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts on May 15.

Some Jews participated in marching, carrying the banner "not on my behalf" and "united with Palestine" when protesters spilled into the street in the area with crowded Arab.

"I participated because I wanted the Palestinian's life equal with Israeli life, but today is not like that," said Eran Khan, 35 years old, from Manhattan, saying when waving Palestinian flag.

Alison Zambrano, 20-year-old students, from the neighboring Connecticut state to participate in marches.

Mashhour Ahmad, 73 years old, a Palestinian who lives in New York 50 years, said "Don't blame the behavior about the victims".


Photo: AFP

"The violence caused by the Israeli army is recently genocide," he added, and held the poster with the "freedom of Palestinian content, ending occupation".

In Los Angeles, California, thousands of people participating in protests and marching from the federal building to the Israeli Consulate to protest.

Warranty protesters from the Federal Building to Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, California State on May 15.

The protests held on the anniversary of Nakba, also known as "disaster", causing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to relocate during the Israeli period founded in 1947-1948.

Thousands of people also protested in the city of Toronto, Ontario Province, Canada, waving Palestinian flag to show support.

The crowds shouted and waved the Palestinian flag in the demonstration in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 15.


Photo: AFP

Previously, a car troupe honked and hung Palestinian flags when protests outside the Israeli consulate in western Montreal.

The worst violence between Israel and the armed wing Hamas began on 10/5 and there was no sign of cooling down.

President Biden on May 15, telephone with President Israel, Palestine, expressed the "serious concern" of long violence causing many people to kill or injure.

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