The Korean intelligence said that North Korea could test the nucleus when China held a Party Congress, but some experts said that Pyongyang would wait through this event.

When North Korea conducted the most recent nuclear test on September 3, 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping was preparing to welcome Brazilian, Russian, Indian and South African leaders to attend a guild.


Photo: KCNA

The underground explosion, also the 6th nuclear test of Pyongyang, has caused a strong earthquake to 6.3 degrees, vibrating houses along the Korean -China border, and at the same time sparked.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspected a missile model of this country in November 2017.

The test that Pyongyang claimed to be the perfect success was carried out after months of North Korea continuously launching weapons, including long -range missiles with the ability to reach the US continent.

Beijing at that time had a strong reaction to agree to participate in the sanctions of the United Nations Security Council to limit the supply of gasoline for North Korea and require about 100,000 North Korean workers to work.

But 5 years later, North Korea's nuclear and missile ambitions were not narrowed, but even more expanded.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has accelerated the growth of nuclear weapons and missiles after the denuclearization negotiation with US President Donald Trump ended in 2019 without achieving any worth results.

This year, he personally supervised the launching of ballistic missiles across the continental and super -negative, and promoted the new law to allow the automatic nuclear attack to automatically and immediately to destroy the forces.

Those events made the West and observers more and more concerned about North Korea preparing to conduct the 7th nuclear test last week, the Korean intelligence agency warned North Korea could detonate the warhead.

Some analysts expressed skepticism about North Korea that they would try the nucleus when China held the Party Congress.

If North Korea tested nuclear at such a sensitive time, it was no different from the direct blow to China, Einar Tangen, analyst in Beijing.

Einar noted that only last week, the two countries resumed ships over the border after 5 months of suspension because Covid-19 broke out in North Korea.

Hong Min, a senior expert at the National Institute of Unification of Korea, also said that although all preparations for the nuclear test have been completed, North Korea will wait until China's 20th Party Congress

According to Hong, if North Korea conducted a test when the Chinese Party Congress took place, they would make the attention of international public opinion directed from this important political event.

North Korea must take into account the nuclear test will affect bilateral relations, especially before such a great event to Xi, Korean expert said.


Photo: Reuters

Cheong Seong-chang, director of the North Korean Research Center at the Sejong Institute of Korea, also said that such a nuclear test will be the worst scenario for China, because it can create excuse for Korea

Previously, China stopped oil pipelines to North Korea on the grounds of repairing incidents to put pressure on Pyongyang.

According to Cheong, China did not have enough effect to prevent North Korea's nuclear trial plan, but they had strong enough levers to delay it after the Party Congress.

This view was reinforced when North Korea on October 4 carried out the most long -range missile launch ever, flying through the Japanese airspace.

On October 6, North Korea continued to launch two short -range missiles to respond to joint exercises between the US and South Korea.

People see the news about North Korea's missile launch through Japan on October 4 at a train station in Seoul, South Korea.

The launch of ballistic missiles through Japan has erased the expectation that North Korea will delay the nuclear test until the Chinese Communist Party Congress ends, Ellen Kim, a senior member at the Research Center.

Sung-Yoon Lee, a professor at the Fl Ministryer at the University of Tufts, said that North Korea could also try the nucleus earlier, around October 10 on the occasion of the establishment of the Labor Party.

If North Korea conducts a test on this day, China is definitely dissatisfied, but they will ignore it.

In May, China and Russia have vetoed the US resolution on tightening the United Nations sanctions on North Korea.

However, it is unclear what China will act in the case of North Korea to conduct a new nuclear test.

JaeChun Kim, a professor of international relations at Sogang University in Seoul, said that China was always worried about North Korea's nuclear test, no matter what time, it could cause instability in security situation in the Northeast.

China was awkward with the Russian - Ukrainian conflict.