President Marcos Jr.

We are living in a difficult period that is the consequence of some things that are caused by ourselves, but it is also a result of some things that are out of control.


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President Marcos Jr.

Mr. Marcos Jr.

Filipinos are facing countless challenges such as skyrocketing prices, lack of food, poverty and inequality in education, but Mr. Marcos Jr.

He announced that he would create jobs, support growth by modernizing agriculture, promoting food production, cutting imports in the context of global food prices in crisis.

In a 78 -minute speech, Mr. Marcos Jr.

He also ensures that the Philippines will keep independently in foreign policy and do not lose any territorial land in foreign power.

Marcos Jr., often called Bongbong Marcos, born on September 13, 1957, is the only son of the late Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos, who holds power in the period 1965-1986.

Marcos Jr.

New Philippine President Marcos Jr.

The President -elect Philippines takes care of food prices soared, announcing that he will hold the position of Minister of Agriculture to respond to emergency situations.