More than 1,000 Thai people protested today in the capital, asking Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha to resign amid the country's Covid-19 infections increased a record.

The police must use a bit of spicy, faucets and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd onion on the office Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.


Photo: Reuters.

The government manages the situation inefficiently and if we do nothing, there will be no changes took place, Kanyaporn Veeratat, 34, said.

Protesters clashed with police in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 18.

Police use strong measures after some protesters try to dismantle barbed wire fence that the authorities build up to block paths from democratic monuments to the Government building, where the Prime Minister works

Police call on people who do not participate in protests to avoid increasing the risk of viral transmission, warning anyone who destroyed the law and caused unrest will be punished.

The number of new cases is increasing every day.

As part of the effort to prevent the virus from spreading, the Thai government on July 16 has announced the entire command to gather more than 5 people.

Thailand today announced 11,397 new cases, the highest increase since the pandemic appeared in this country, bringing the total number of cases to 403,386.

From July 12, areas are considered to be at the highest risk of the most stringent blockade in a recent year.

57% of recent new cases in Bangkok are related to Delta strains.

Bangkok capital and 12 other provinces have adopted increased response measures, including travel restrictions, closing the centers of trade and nymbs at night.