After World War II, the majority of the world submarine only participated in the ground target attack, only two people sank the enemy battleship.

Submarines are considered a powerful killer killer during World War II, when the German submarine force sanked 3,474 ally ships, while allied submarines in the Pacific also destroyed 1,314 Japanese ships.


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However, since 1945 up to now, submarines are mainly used to patrol in the seabed or attack on land.

During the Indian War - Pakistan in 1971, Pakistan's PNS Hangor submarine was moved to war in the Arab Sea.

PNS HANGOR on a shielding trip.

On December 9, 1971, the Hangor submarine discovered the two Indian flagship near the patrol position.

Earlier, India deployed Khukri and Kirpan's deliberation to buy from him to patrol the area.

Pakistan submarines launched a torpedo into the Kirpan's deliberation but the enemy dodge.

Kirpan tried to attack again, but faced the third torpedo because Pakistan submarine.

Khukri became the first battleship sunk by the enemy submarine since World War II.


Photo: Wikipedia

More than 10 years later, his HMS Conqueror became the only nuclear submarine in the world history that sank the enemy battleship in combat.

Conqueror is a Churchill class submarine, with a 5,400 ton liquid, equipped with 6 533 mm torpedo tunes.

Ara General Belgrano tilted after hitting the torpedo on May 2, 1982.

Conqueror's opponent is the Argentina's Argentina's Argentina Cruisers.

Conqueror submarine began to follow General Belgrano when it entered the economic privilege regulated by him around the Falkland Islands.

323 people were killed on Argentina battleship, 772 others escaped safely and were rescued within the next two days.

The rehabilitation of the British submarine forced Argentina to summon the warships back to the house port, allowing him to reopen the Falkland Islands.