From a simple, sociable style in the early days, Melania Trump gradually changed and was considered by many Americans as a symbol of elegance and luxury.

In the last Christmas video at the White House, First Lady Melania Trump, dressed in a sparkling blouse with a black skirt, appears on the stairs above a corridor filled with Christmas trees.


First Lady Melania at the White House Photo: Twitter/Melania Trump.

This year's White House Christmas is decorated with the theme "Beautiful America".

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With no staff or instructions for the public to visit the White House, First Lady Melania appeared alone in a slow-motion video of Christmas decorations.

"The video is a compelling story in which she is the star," wrote Robin Givhan, editor of the Washington Post.

Four years ago, Melania promised something different.

That's why in the first White House decoration video in 2017, First Lady Melania dressed simply with a wide gray sweater and black pants, decorated the White House herself or went to the kitchen to check on jobs.

During an event back in September of that year, Melania appeared at the White House garden with children living in the surrounding area to emphasize the importance of healthy eating.

The Christmas decoration video released in 2018 does not show Melania entering the kitchen, but still checking the area where the Christmas tree "forest" is located in the White House.

Christmas decorations at the White House have long been run by a team of staff and volunteers, but the first lady's responsibility for ensuring the place is perfectly decorated.

"That might explain why in the video, Melania just seems to play a gentle aristocrat woman," Givhan wrote.

Four years in the White House, Melania built her own icon.

That is the identity that many other first ladies openly oppose.

However, this doesn't seem to be Melania Trump's style.

However, with Melania supporters, they still admire her as they often portray her as elegant and classy, not because of her words or deeds but for her appearance, for the way she stands on the pitch.

"Look at her: a tall, thin and white woman. If Michelle Obama, with her college degrees and a mother's bravery, fights against prejudices about femininity, intelligence and

Givhan added that an elegant aura exudes from Melania's figure.

Melania has made herself a symbol in the eyes of admirers, a symbol of "how things should be and how things should look".

"And symbols, the longer we look at them, the harder they are to erase," writes Givhan.