Thirteen soldiers from the French Barkhane anti-terrorist force were killed when two helicopters collided during a campaign in northern Mali.

Elysee Palace today said the incident occurred on the evening of November 25 in the Sahel region as Barkhane anti-terrorist forces were fighting extremist Islamic militants who had carried out a series of deadly attacks in the area. northern Mali, a country in West Africa, in recent weeks.


Helicopter of the Barkhane anti-terrorism force, France in Gourma region in Mali in March Photo: AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed the highest respect for the soldiers in distress, sending "deep condolences" to their relatives and affirmed that he "fully supports" the operation of the French army. in Mali.

Mali has suffered from violence since 2012, when Islamic militants occupied the north. With the help of France, the Mali army regained its territory, but the security unrest and violence have spread to other countries in the region.

Earlier this month, French Brigadier General Ronan Pointeau was killed in Mali when an equipment exploded near his car. Up to now, 41 French soldiers have died in incidents in Mali.