The world has recorded more than 283,000 deaths from nCoV in more than 4.1 million cases in the context of many countries gradually restricting to restore the economy.

212 countries and territories today recorded a total of 4,174,751 cases and 283,611 deaths from Covid-19, an increase of 77,759 and 3,472 respectively compared to yesterday, of which 1,483,147 people have recovered, according to


Turkish health worker treats a patient in intensive care unit at a hospital in Istanbul on 8/5 Photo: AFP.

The US continues to be the largest epidemic region in the world with 1,365,532 cases, an increase of 19,200 cases compared to the previous day.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publishes a data model that shows that the number of new nCoV infections in the US can increase 200,000 a day in June, many times the current increase of about 25,000.

Numerous US officials including CDC Director Robert Redfield, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and White House health adviser Anthony Fauci announced their quarantine to ensure nCoV infection after Vice President Mike Pence spokesman and

Spain, the largest epidemic region in Europe, recorded an additional 143 deaths due to nCoV, bringing the total to 26,621, ranking fourth in the world, behind the US, UK and Italy.

Many businesses in Spain have resumed operations as the government continues to relax with about half of its population.

Italy recorded an additional 802 infections and 165 deaths, bringing the total to 219,070 and 30,560 respectively.

Italy gradually relaxed the blockade order imposed in March to stop Covid-19.

He surpassed Italy, becoming the third largest epidemic region in the world with 219,183 cases, up 3,923 cases.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to gradually phase out measures to curb the epidemic, which will remove recommendations for people at home.

Russia reported 11,012 more cases, bringing the total number of infected people to 209,688.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced an extension of the blockade to prevent Covid-19 until May 31.

Russia on May 9 canceled a large-scale parade on Red Square to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of Nazi Germany (May 9, 1945 - May 9, 2020) due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

France confirmed 312 more cases and 70 deaths, bringing the total to 176,970 and 26,380 respectively.

Germany recorded 456 more cases, bringing the total to 171,780, of which 7,560 died, an increase of 11 cases.

The government has relaxed restrictions, allowing stores to operate again, as long as they comply with hygienic and spacing regulations.

In Latin America, Brazil is the region's largest epidemic area with 162,699 cases and 11,123 deaths, an increase of 6,638 and 467 respectively.

Experts believe that the actual number of cases could be 12-15 times higher than the published data, when many cases of nCoV infection were not detected because the testing capacity of this nation of 210 million people was still very high.

The Brazilian Supreme Court recently ruled that state and local governments have the right to determine the social restraints necessary to stop Covid-19.

The Brazilian president regarded Covid-19 as a seasonal flu, claiming that the negative impact of nCoV has been exaggerated for political reasons.

Mexico reported 1,938 infections and 193 deaths, up 33,460 and 3,353 respectively.

In the Middle East, Iran remains the largest epidemic area with 107,603 cases, an increase of 1,383 cases within 24 hours.

Saudi Arabia recorded an additional 1,912 infections and 7 deaths, bringing the total to 39,048 and 246, respectively.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) reported 781 new infections and an additional 13 deaths, bringing the total to 19,198 and 198 respectively.

In South Asia, India recorded 4,353 new nCoV infections, bringing the total to 67,161.

India has imposed strict blockade orders for 1.3 billion people since March 25, when only 60 cases and 10 deaths were recorded.

Some experts are concerned that the actual cases and deaths in India may be much higher than the statistics, as many people in this country do not have access to medical care and nCoV testing.

Southeast Asia recorded an additional 1,519 people infected and 29 people died from nCoV, bringing the total number of the whole region to 58,599 and 1,883 respectively.

Singapore is the largest epidemic region in the region with 23,336 cases and 20 deaths.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are regional countries that have not recorded deaths due to nCoV.

Updated: 6:31, 11/5 | Source: WorldOMeters