On the 100th anniversary of Hua Guofeng's birth, the descendants of the Chinese princes received an important political message.

Hua Guofeng, who was once expected to follow in the footsteps of China's leader Mao Zedong, at one point held all of the most important positions in the country's political system: party chairman, chairman of the Central Military Commission and chief of staff.


Mr. Xi spoke in Beijing on January 25 Photo: AFP

When it seemed that the name had sunk in the past, Beijing unexpectedly held a seminar to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the United Guofeng.

"Mr. Hoa was an outstanding member of the Communist Party of China, a loyal and talented Communist soldier, a proletariat who held the most important positions in the party and government", Xinhua

Chinese President Xi Jinping did not attend the event.

The event on February 20 caused a lot of stir in Chinese politics when it was held in the context of the country approaching two important milestones: the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 2021 and

Mr. Hoa was absolutely loyal to the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong, even during the turbulent period of the Cultural Revolution.

The shift in power structures in China's leadership superlative, from individual focus to collective leadership, also occurred during the same period.

In the reformed constitution, leader Deng Xiaoping limited the president to only two five-year terms.

2018 is also the time when CCTV started running the show many times Binh Xin Can Nhan - easy to get along with - including quotes from Mr. Xi.


Former Chinese Prime Minister Hoa Guofeng Photo: AFP

Another point to note during the February 20 event is the participants.

Outstanding among the "Red Two Great" attendees was retired general Liu Yuan, the son of former Chinese President Liu Shaoqi.

Mr. Xi himself is also in the "Red and Two Great" group, whose father is former deputy prime minister, Xi Trong Huan.

Observers only began to be skeptical about the undercurrent of the relationship between Mr. Xi and the "pink and two" group during the 2017 national party congress.

In the midst of this political context, the message from Politburo Standing Member Vuong Ho Ninh - who is considered the 5th most powerful leader among the party leaders - is even more remarkable.

Wang recalls the period of the Cultural Revolution, saying that Hoa Quoc Phong "disregards personal safety" to act bravely, refuses to accept "factionalism in the ranks of the party" and cooperates with the quarantine "of the Four Persons".

This message is similar to the time Mr. Xi Jinping declared that party members could not stand out when fighting corruption and wait to see which side won.