India: The 12-year-old obsessive about her father repeatedly inviting men to come home, drink and rap her to make money.

According to the girl, at first the father invited his friends home to drink wine. Drunk men tease and touch her in front of their parents. Sometimes, they "disappeared" in the bedroom with their mother. One day, Dad pushed her into the bedroom with a friend of his and locked the door. He let that guy rape her.


Demonstration against child sexual abuse after rape and murder of 8-year-old girl in Srinagar, India in April 2018 Photo: Reuters

The childhood of a 12-year-old girl two years later was a nightmare. Dad kept calling the men to his house on a set schedule. They raped, paid and then left. Things go on repeating every weekend and there are at least 30 men involved.

Her family lives in a wealthy town in southern India, famous for its green hills, fresh air and clean water. However, their situation is contrary to the abundance here.

One day in September, the school received a message from two teachers living in the same neighborhood as the girl's family. "Something happened to that family girl. Save her," they said.

The school administrator immediately contacted the counselor of a women's support group, who arrived the next morning. The counselor and the girl talked privately for 4 hours, while her mother attended a parent meeting upstairs and didn't know about it.

"Tell me about your family and your life," the counselor began the conversation. She talked about the difficult period of the family when her father was unemployed. They have to live in fear of being kicked out at any time because they cannot pay the rent. From here, the little girl burst into tears and then she became silent. The counselor continues the story when talking about sex classes at school and how children are often abused. "Things like that happened in my family too. Dad abused my mother," she rushed in.

When the counselor asked if she knew about methods to help prevent pregnancy and spread the disease, she said "they use condoms". It was the first time in half of the conversation that she admitted to having sex.

Not only were strangers raped by strangers, she was sometimes forced by her father to take nude pictures to send to them. Earlier this year, when she saw her daughter was three months behind her period, her parents rushed her to see a doctor. This person ultrasound and prescribes me some medicine.

By this time, the counselor was completely convinced that she was the victim of a series of rape cases. This person notifies the welfare worker and offers to take her to a shelter. She did not seem confused at this suggestion.


The note I love my mother, Amma of 12-year-old girl Photo: BBC

Her father and three men were later arrested on allegations of rape, child use for pornography and sexual assault. All refused to guarantee. The police are now arresting five other related men. Investigators made a list of 25 men who knew the family to identify, but she could not remember their faces.

Heartbreaking stories like the little girl are not rare in India. This South Asian country has a record high number of children being sexually abused. Most abuses are caused by people who know the victim, such as relatives, neighbors, or employers. According to 2017 data, India recorded 10,221 child rape cases. This problem has been increasing in recent years.

Counselors said that in the same shelter as the girl, three girls aged 12 to 16 were sexually abused by their biological father.

In the first few days of going to the shelter, the girl slept from morning to night. In the following days, she scribbled on paper that she loved Amma (her mother's name).

Meanwhile, the mother said that her daughter "made up the story of sexual exploitation because she was angry and wanted to give us a lesson". She added that before her family life was in trouble, her husband used to earn 1,000 rupees (about 14 USD) a day.

Now, only their house remains. The mother claimed to be a "caring mother" and assumed that she needed a mother. The peeling walls of the house are now filled with memories of her young daughter. "She'll draw or scribble on those walls. That's all she did," the mother said.

A piece of paper on the door had the words of the girl she once wrote, "Guys, if I could confess my hidden things, it would be an accomplishment."

A few months ago, the mother and daughter were angry. When she got home from school, the girl took a blue chalk to paint a house with a chimney and a palm tree on the door, something that girls of her age often imagine. After that, she quickly wrote the words "Sorry Amma" and went out.