Of the 425 corona virus deaths in mainland China, up to 80% of patients over 60 years old, health authorities said.

At a press conference in Beijing today, Jiao Yahui, deputy director of China's National Health Committee, said that apart from age characteristics, 75% of people die of acute coronary pneumonia due to the corona virus strain. The new (nCoV) cause there is also some background disease.


China National Health Commission Deputy Director Jiao Yahui at a press conference in Beijing on January 28 Photo: AFP

Ms. Jiao added that two-thirds of the deaths were male and that the mortality rate for nCoV across mainland China was 2.1%. This figure in Hubei Province, the focus of the disease, is 3.1%.

Hubei Province also accounts for 97% of all deaths. Jiao explained that most of the local deaths were due to too many serious cases there, as well as the initial lack of treatment.

She said the average national time for a patient to fully recover is 9 days, adding that the patients in Hubei province need more time, about 20 days, because the locality has many severe cases. than.

Pandemic pneumonia outbreaks have occurred in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, since December last year, has spread to 31 provinces in China and 25 countries and territories around the world, causing 427 deaths and more than 20,000 cases.

China has allowed the addition of an American team of experts to the World Health Organization (WHO) delegation in the country, to study and find ways to deal with nCoV. US officials believe their experts will help fight the disease effectively.