Indonesia Central Sulawesi authorities announced on February 2 to cancel the reward for someone who helped a giant crocodile escape a tire stuck in the neck.

Central Sulawesi Province's Central Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) said no candidates had signed up for the challenge of removing a motorbike tire from the 4-meter-long crocodile neck on the Palu River in the province. this.


The crocodile caught a motorbike tire in its neck on the Palu River, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia in December 2019 Photo: Antara.

The challenge to remove the tire from the crocodile neck was launched by the BKSDA last month and gained public attention when the agency announced last week that it would reward anyone who could help rescue the crocodile.

Details of the prize were not disclosed, but the BKSDA leader said that he would pay out of pocket the winner. Central Sulawesi authorities for years have been trying to rescue this crocodile, fearing it will be killed by tires in the near future. This agency used meat to lure the crocodile to remove the tire but it failed.

"The challenge has been canceled. However, we now have the support of the Ministry of Environment and government experts," Hasmuni Hasmar, leader of the BKSDA, said. A team of experts from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment will conduct a campaign to rescue the crocodile from the tire.

It is not clear why the motorcycle tire is stuck in the neck of the crocodile. The latest image of the animal shows it has signs of breathing difficulties, causing many people to worry that the tire is slowly killing the crocodile.