An additional 109 people died from the corona virus in mainland China, bringing the total number of global deaths to 2,360.

The National Health Commission said today that Hubei recorded 106 more deaths, bringing the number of deaths from nCoV in the province to 2,250. Hubei discovered 366 new infections, bringing the total number of infected people in the province to 63,454. Today's figures are published nearly two hours later than usual.


Doctors in isolation room for Israelis returning from China near Tel Aviv on February 19 Photo: AFP

The whole of mainland China recorded an additional 109 deaths, bringing the total to 2,345. Detecting 397 new infections, bringing the total to 76,288. 11,477 people in critical condition. 20,659 people were cured.

Worldwide, 2,360 people died, 77,672 people were infected with nCoV. 20,895 people recovered and 12,071 in critical condition.

The Covid-19 epidemic appears in 30 countries and territories after its onset in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Yesterday new deaths outside of mainland China were recorded in South Korea, Italy and Iran.