The fact that some US states "opened 100%" desice whether the epidemic situation is not really stable, creating a risk of wonded infection.

After a few weeks, progress in the fight against Covid-19, the trend of reducing new cases in the US is stalling.


Medical staff moved a patient suspected of infection with Covid-19 in Oklahoma, USA, in April last year Photo: Reuters.

Governor Texas Greg Abbott on 3/3 abolished the command to wear mandatory masks across the state and deleted all restrictions on businesses, claiming "it was time to open 100% Texas".

While Texas, like most other states, it was not happy that the number of Covid-19 infections decreased significantly compared to the highest level in January, last week, the number of cases was increased by 27%.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on March 3 also gives a similar order.

Like Texas, the move above was done when Mississippi experienced many weeks of reduced infections.

Public health officials have warned the 4th infection waves if the US neglected was alert to the pandemic.

"I don't understand why they do so, but certainly, from a public health perspective, it's a wrong action," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, American leading epidemiologist, said in the interview

Earlier, the Director of the American Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) Rochelle Walensky acknowledged a year to impose limitations that promoted worrying changes in people's behavior.

"The endurance has been weakened, tired psychology, boredom is winning and itself measures we apply to prevent the epidemic now clearly ignored," Walensky said.

While Abbott governor and Reeves were injected with Covid-19 vaccines, the proportion of Texas and Mississippi people was still very low, only about 7% and 5%.

Removing mandatory requirements to wear masks and other restrictions in the context of too few people who are vaccinated with extremely large risks, experts said.

"The thing we don't want most now is another infection wave," Fauci emphasized.

President Joe Biden government has been able to speed up the production and distribution of Vaccine Covid-19, but the question is whether the vaccination rate for people is fast enough to minimize the risk of mutated viruses or not

More polluted strains from England, South Africa and Brazil have infiltrated America.

But when the virus has not been stopped, the risk of a new strain has the ability to fight the vaccine to appear, increasing.

"I am very concerned about their immunity", Dr., Cardiologist Eric Topol on March 4.