The WHO warns that the number of deaths from Covid-19 could double to two million if anti-epidemic measures are not maintained, as cases in Europe rise sharply.

"One million is a terrible number and we need to think about it before we think about the risk of another million people dying," said the World Health Organization's emergency department director.


The 6 meter tall statue of super medical staff in Madrid expresses gratitude to those who fought against Covid-19 Photo: AFP.

"Do we work together to prepare what is necessary to avoid that number?" He said.

Covid-19 appeared in 213 countries and territories, causing more than 3.2 million people to become infected and more than 985,000 deaths.

The WHO warned in the context that Europe is tightening new restrictive measures.

The Madrid health agency said the new order is aimed at banning tens of thousands of people from leaving living areas, in addition to 850,000 people living under similar restrictions and will take effect on September 28.

Across Europe, new infections are emerging, as Finland and France record new record numbers.

The owners of restaurants and bars in Marseille have gathered outside the municipal commercial court to protest the closure starting on the evening of September 27 because "we may have to file bankruptcy," said Bernard Marty, owner

Bars in the capital Paris and a host of other cities will have their working hours cut, but not completely.

In the UK, the authorities announced an extension of the restriction to a quarter of the country's population, while two supermarket chains said they were limiting the amount of purchases of certain goods to curb rampant purchases.

Moscow asks vulnerable people to avoid infection by staying at home, while Israel strengthens the blockade order by preventing people from flying abroad.

In Brazil, the country recording more than 140,000 deaths, the second highest in the world after the United States, is struggling to control Covid-19.

Eastern Europe emerged as another hot spot this week, as European Union (EU) officials warned that the number of deaths and hospitalizations is increasing alarming in vulnerable countries such as Bulgaria and Czech.

Poland, a country not part of the EU, recorded the number of infections doubled from more than 700 on September 22 to more than 1,500 on September 25.

With the rising number of cases and hospital admissions in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Madrid, Diana Llorens, who works in the department, says the situation makes many people in the medical industry feel