The United States is investigating civilian information that killed this storm to kill the driver of the bombs near Kabul airport.

The spokesman Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid yesterday said the United States did not kill the suicide bomber when he was driving an explosive car toward Kabul airport.


Photo: Reuters

We already know the information about civil casualties after the attack on the explosive car in Kabul today, Captain Bill Urban, American Command Center spokesman (CentCom), said in a statement

We are evaluating the results of the attack we know whether the threat of IS-K for Kabul airport, he added, using an abbreviation name with Khorasan Islamic State, the branch of

A house was destroyed after a missile attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 29.

The statement was given after CNN reported 9 people in the same house, including 6 children, killed in the airway on August 29 in Kabul.

We know there are big and strong explosions after the destroyed bomb car, showing that a large amount of explosives inside can add more casualties, Urban mentioned.

The US unmanned aircraft airplanes aimed at the bomb took place after an IS-K suicide bomber performed an attack on the US military at Kabul airport.

About 114,000 people had to evacuate from August 15, when the Taliban re-control Afghanistan.