Many Rocket launchers from the truck aimed at Afghan Airport of Afghanistan this morning, a day after the US did not ignore a dead bomb driver.

According to the observation of the AFP reporter group, the hiss of the rocket across the Kabul capital sky resounded just before the peak this morning.


Photo: AP

A former Afghan security official said the rocket series was released from a truck north of Kabul.

Smoke rises from a residential area in the capital of Kabul, Afghanistan, suspected of hitting Rocket, on August 29.

It is unclear what force takes a rocket exercise as well as damage after the attack.

The US yesterday performed a unmanned aircraft aircraft aimed at a bombing toward Kabul airport.

Spokesman Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that the United States did not kill the suicide bomber when he was driving an explosive car toward Kabul airport.

Both IS-K and the Taliban follow the Sunni Muslim, but the enemy is not the same.

Taliban soldiers on July 28, a great number of Afghan people from the bus to the main station of the airport, handed over them to the US forces to evacuate.