Tacoma City Police, Washington State arrested a 15-year-old teenager for attacking a man and a Asian woman on the street last year.

The video is spinning with a mobile phone and is widely shared on social networks showing a red shirt who ran to a man and a woman standing on the street, then swung his hand into the man


Photo: CNN

In another video, male victims were cursed and seemed to be pushed or beaten.

The red shirt attacked two Asians on Tacoma Street, Washington State in November 2020.

Wendy Haddow of the Tacoma Police Department said the attack happened on November 19, 2020 and they received a complaint at the time.

"The victim's family saw the video on the newsletter," Haddow said, and declined to comment whether the video recorder had one of the attackers by the ongoing investigation.

The suspect was accused of attacking the second level.

A Korean man who spoke was a victim in the video.

"I want him to become better. I want him to know how bad it is," the man said in Korean.

Attacks aimed at Asians significantly increase in the US in Covid-19 pandemic.