Lee Yi-Hsiang, managing the construction site where the truck slipped down and was thought to make the ship derailment, get the court to the outside despite the prosecutor.

A court in Hoa Lien, Taiwan, today decided to allow Lee Yi-Hsiang at the extraordinarily with the money of the 500,000 Radio (over $ 17,500), and limit this person to leave the island within 8 months


Photo: AFP

Lee was supposed to have improperly installed brakes, causing the truck at a construction site to slide down the track, as a train on the journey from Taipei city to Taiche was derailed in the tunnel in Hoa Lien district on 2

The scene of the ship is inside the tunnel in Hoa Lien district, east of Taiwan island, on April 2.

Taiwan prosecutors filed a single court to request Lee with a careless accusation.

Yu Hsiu-duan, head of the prosecutor of Hoa Lien district, said they would appeal to the decision to Lee in foreign countries.

Lee's appointed lawyer declined to comment.

The rescue force said the carriages in the tunnel were torn or crushed by collisions, hindering the efforts to access the victims.

The railway on Taiwan island is considered to be reliable and effective, but recently some deadly accidents occur.