The world's hemophilic maritime route was officially smoothly when Egypt resolved all cases of unprecedented cases of Ever Given.

The entire 422 trains suffered from the incident of the Ever Given cargo ship to the Suez Canal last week moved through this maritime project on April 3.


Photo: Reuters

"Every ship once having to wait in the waters since Ever Given's strands has completed the move," Osama Rabie, SCA leader, announced.

A total of 85 vessels moved through Suez Canal on April 3, including 24 vessels to the area after Ever Given ships were rescued.

Mr. Rabie judged that the trouble on the Suez canal caused the prestige and the national shipping industry fell into an emergency situation.

Egyptian security forces patrol on Suez Canal on March 30.

Egyptian officials emphasize the liberation of giant ships from the stranded position that has demonstrated the capacity and techniques to rescue the country's ships.

Ever Given, one of the largest container ships in the world with a total tonnage of more than 200,000 tons, crashed into the shore of the Suez Canal and staying on March 24 when moving from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

SCA then mobilized many tugs, dredging facilities, excavators who worked continuously to scoop up the rock, save Ever Given from stranding.

After being rescued, the Ever Given ship is anchored at the nearby Great Bitter Lake for technical inspection as well as serving the investigation.

Egyptian officials may claim more than a billion dollars for helping rescue Super Ever Given from the Suez Canal.