US RC-135U aircraft headed straight towards China, then gliding many rounds in the area near the coast of two provinces in the eastern country.

Organizing the East Sea Strategic Situation Institute (SCSPI) of the Ocean Institute of Beijing University, China, yesterday posted Twitter indicates the RC-135U engine scout AE01D5 of the US Air Force operating in the region


Photo: Twitter/SCS_PI.

The RC-135U covers in the eastern flower area off the coast of China, SCSPI said.

The route of the RC-135U on June 3.

The journey data shows the RC-135U number of 64-1849 to take off from the Based on Japan's Okinawa Island, heading to the north and turning down, entering the region to identify the Non-Chinese room and fly straight to the land


Photo: USAF

The US Air Force only owns two RC-135U Combat Sent, specifically designed to collect signal and electronic intelligence, focusing on radar networks and anti-air defense.

In the task of reconnaissance of the cold war, the RC-135U plane usually directs directly to the opponent's airspace and forced the real-world radar network to operate, allowing critical information before changing direction and leaving.

RC-135U aircraft Number 64-1849 Duty in 2020. Photo: USAF.