When the US military forced vaccination of Covid-19, non-compliance soldiers could be punished for administration or must go to military courts.

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin plans to offer President Joe Biden to order a compulsory Vaccine Covid-19 to take care of this country.


Photo: US Navy

During the press conference on August 10, John Kirby Pentagon spokesman said the Covid-19 vaccination required for the whole troops was the right thing.

Kirby affirmed that the US military commanders have a series of tools to enforce compulsory vaccination requirements and have not taken to military laws to ask the soldiers to make the right decisions.

Military Medicine American Vaccine Covid-19 for a USS Gerald R. Ford Sailor at Norfolk Navy Base on April 8.

Anthony Kuhn, belonging to Tully Rinckey Law Company, said it was unclear the penalty that US soldiers could face without complying with compulsory vaccination requirements.

In order to handle soldiers refusing to comply with the requirements of Covid-19 vaccination requirements, US military commanders can reprimand, administrative penalties, bringing soldiers to comply with the disciplinary board, even offered

A number of pilots, sailors and marine soldiers had to go to court soldiers because they did not take vaccination against coal disease.


Photo: USMC

They may be imprisoned or forced to discharge, Zaid said.

Military Medicine American Vaccine Covid-19 for chief doctor at the Cherry Point Navy Clinic in December 2020.

Butch Bracknell, former US Marine Lieuteners and NATO's Legal Advisor, said soldiers challenged the legality of the Mandarin's Covid-19 vaccination program that was almost firmly lost,

The US Defense Ministry considers immunization as a matter of combat readiness.

The Biden administration is trying to promote vaccination, when this program is slowed up before the vaccine chain attitude or hesitation of vaccination of tens of millions of people.