Haitian President's death makes Latin America to add instualizations, promoting migration waves between Biden and criticizing border issues.

In the first five months of the first month, the biggest priority of the US government President Joe Biden in the Western Hemisphere is restraining the flow of migrants, the problem of deep concerns in the context of deep political division in the country


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In April, the number of monthly cross-border cases hit the highest level in 20 years and the border guards arrested nearly 174,000 illegal immigrants.

President Biden announced a $ 4 billion plan to address the root causes of unusual increase in migration in Central America in the next 4 years, though not detailed.

US President Joe Biden spoke at the White House on July 8.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last last month to Costa Rica to discuss with the clinic in the region, focusing on the deep reasons of migration, including economic challenges.

US Vice President Kamala Harris also worked to this area to convey the message to prevent people who were able to cross the border to the US, and pledged Washington to invest economically and look for other initiatives

According to WSJ's Jessica Donati and Courtney McBride, the motivation motivates Latin American people to find their way to the promised land in the United States, including persistent gang violence in his hometown, two storms

Besides, the efforts to prevent unauthorized migration status of US officials are evaluated to have a serious core issue, a corruption and how to run the weak country of some governments at

America ever suppressed sanctions with officials in the North Central American triangle, including Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, because of behavioral behavior or obstructing democracy.

In Honduras, one of the US's closest allies in the region, President Juan Orlando Hernandez was condemned to trade more than 200 tons of cocaine, in a trial that revealed a profound connection between gang gangs

At El Salvador, the president of Nayib Bukele, with the majority of seats in the National Assembly, allowed his party to dismiss the judges and the Attorney General.


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Venezuela situation is also a headache problem with the United States.

Elliot Abrams, a former American envoy in Venezuela, assessing the fact that bastards in Latin America find their way to the US for luck, adding logic, adding that Covid-19 makes this demand more urgent.

The epidemic has caused economic problems in Latin America even worse and promoting migration in some cases, Abrams said, and identified the effort to transmit weak messages at the border without help

Officials and professionals identified the death of President Haiti Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated at the mansion in Port-au-Prince on July 7, will make American officials better pressure.

President Haiti Jovenel Moise in Port-au-Prince in February 2017.

According to data in 2018 from the US Census Bureau, about 1.2 million Haitians or Haiti roots are living in this country.

Amy Wilentz, the author of many books about Haiti, assessing the migration crisis will make America care more to Haiti after the assassination of Moise President.

The Biden government once made decisions to make legal immigration paths easier, but critics said they led to the number of illegal migrants increased.

We realize the lack of the real confidence of the US government on border issues, even before Covid-19 outbreaks.