Netherlands who wanted to vaccinate Covid-19 to visit her with the last stage cancer, because he wanted to avoid the risk of infection, but was protested.

12-year-old boys in the city of Groningen, northern Netherlands, wanting to vaccinate Covid-19 to meet her people with metastatic lung cancer.


Photo: AFP

Boy's mother agreed, but the father protested because of skepticism of vaccines.

According to the ruling announced today, Judge Bart Tromp of the County Court of Groninge allows children to get vaccinated due to immunization related benefits, especially their benefits.

Vaccine Pfizer (right) and sodium chloride (used to dilute vaccines) at a vaccination point in California, USA on August 11.

According to the court document, the boy's father did not believe vaccine or tested and did not allow the baby to vaccinate.

The boy wants to vaccinate because he does not want to be infected with NCOV and limits the ability to infect others, documents for good.

The boy found it difficult to talk to his father and felt his prayers were not heard.

The father argues that the vaccine is still in the test phase and there may be great risks for the reproductive agency in the long term.

Vaccine skepticism is growing in the Netherlands, with the leadership of an extremely evident party into a Vaccine post in the National Assembly.