Thailand records nearly 3,000 new NCOV cases, a record level in a day, when the government ordered restrictions on the operation of the stores.

Thai officials today reported 2,839 cases of NCOV and 8 deaths, bringing the total number of cases and deaths across the country to 53,022 and 129. Although controlling Covid-19 is better than many countries, Thailand


Photo: AFP

A disinfectant worker halled a condominium in Bangkok, Thailand, today.

"Government agencies and the private sector should give employees to work as much as possible, because we do not want to take more stringent measures," said Coven-19 specialist spokesman for Covid-19

In the midst of complex pandemic movements, the Thai Retail Association announces trade centers in 18 high-risk provinces, including Bangkok, which will only be operated from 11:00 to 20pm daily within a week

Restaurants in the commercial center are opened more than an hour, while the convenience store operates 5 hours to 22h.

The vaccination program has many problems of Thailand today received an additional 500,000 dose of Covid-19 Vaccine from China's Sinovac company.