China is about to launch 4 satellites later this year from Hainan Island, to build a network that can monitor boats across the South China Sea.

Yang Tianliang, the chief architect of the Hainan Earth observation satellite network system, said the 4 Haian 1 monitoring satellites were assembled and planned to put into orbit in the second flight of the school rocket


Photo: China Daily.

Hainan 1-01 satellite carrying a wide-angle camera, is responsible for identifying and monitoring moving objects on the sea, especially the ship.

Rocket pushed the school 7A (left) and its trajectory when launched from Hainan Island, China, on March 12.

Yang added that every Hainan 1 satellite heavy 50 kg, will operate at a height of 500 km in the low orbit of the earth, at a speed of 28,440 km / h.

As planned in the next 2-3 years, two more satellites Hainan 1, two satellites multi-spectrum Sanya 1 and two satellites radar synthetic sansha 1 satellites are expected to be launched into space to complete the system

This chief architect said, "A network of 10 satellites is likely to monitor the entire East Sea in real time", saying it will help China to "protect sovereignty, regional development and advance

The plan to build China's monitoring network was announced in the middle of the East Sea situation.

Previously, the Carrier Battle of theodore Roosevelt and the American Island Makin Island Festival on the East Sea in the East Sea to implement the "Public Exchange Force Campaign".