Chinese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the country was not surrendered when the benefits were damaged, signs that they did not give up diplomacy.

China will not surrender.


Photo: Reuters

In the future, Chinese diplomats will continue to overcome all obstacles and are always the defenders dedicating the interests of the country and people, Mr. Ma added.

Mr. Ma's statement is considered to be a sign that China will not give up the foreign war policy after the 20th National Party Congress opened on October 16.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Trieu Huc at a meeting in Beijing in June 2020.

The Lang Battle Foreign Policy is named after the famous Chinese action film series, in which the military soldiers in the country implemented a series of daring campaigns around the globe.

China's army of wandering diplomacy publicly criticized and fiercely fought with rivals on all fronts, from social networks, press, television to negotiations.

However, a global survey published by the Washington Pew Research Center this week shows public opinion in the US and other economies for China to turn to a more negative state after much after much.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged Chinese diplomats to strengthen the fighting spirit, instructing many officials to be posted on social networks.

As China drastically increased influence by wandering diplomacy, more and more countries around the world turned away from Beijing.

In a press conference on March 7, Chinese Foreign Minister Vuong Nghi answered more than 20 tough questions with incredible patience and mildness.