The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs blatantly said that this country's fleet was right at the underground grounds in Truong Sa "for thousands of years".

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Kien Kien Kien continued his old linguit, when he denied the Allegations of the Philippines that the fleet hundreds of unchecked at the reef in the Spratly Islands of the Vietnamese sovereignty


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"I don't understand why some of the parties relate to Chinese fishermen who are marine militants," Kien Kien said, even thinking this call has a "hostile intent".

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman was knowing at the press conference in Beijing in April 2020.

Declaring Mr. Trieu given in the context of more than 200 Chinese vessels anchoring at the reef near the existent island of the Spratly Islands of the Spratly of Vietnam from March 7, turning on the lights all night without hit the time

The Philippines announced the information from March 21, accusing these vessels from Chinese militia.

"Professional beach people will know China are lying," Carl Schuster, former Executive Director at the General Intelligence Center of the US Pacific Command, commenting on the explanation of the Central Embassy

"Nobody to the ship 'shelter' in the storm area a few weeks before a storm. If it is really a commercial fishing vessel, the anchor in such a place will cause hundreds, if not to say

Philippines officials reacted strongly, including the State Department's statement that Manila will speak out every day until Beijing withdraws the ship.

They also noted about the Filipino's 2016 victory in the Permanent Arbitration Court (PCA) in The Hague, Netherlands, with a judgment to reject China's unreasonable books with most East Sea.

However, Mr. Trieu Today said that the ruling of the PCA "illegal and ineffective", continuing to think that Chinese fishermen "have a history of caught thousands of years" in the area to advocate

"We called on the Philippines to recognize the issue objectively and reasonably, stop hype and negatively affect the East Sea situation," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Unlike the harsh statements from the Philippine Defense and Diplomatic Officials, President Rodrigo Duterte "makes a lot of voice" a lot.

Observers identifying the need to ensure that the supply of Vaccine Covid-19 may be a factor that prevents Duterte to provide a tougher stance, in the context that the Philippines is experiencing the worst outbreak.

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Three weeks present of more than 200 Chinese vessels on the South China Sea.

During the press conference on March 25, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang affirmed the operation of Chinese vessels within the territorial waters of the existent existence of the Spratly Islands of Vietnam that violated sovereignty

"Vietnam requires China to terminate violations, respect Vietnam's sovereignty, goodwill to implement the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, strictly comply with the DOC, especially the obligation to restrain, not complex

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Vietnam's maritime academic forces are performing obligations stipulated in Vietnamese laws and international laws.