Taiwan official said the truck drifted down to the tracks only a minute before the accident and lying around, causing the driver to not detect timely.

Duong Hoi Tri, Chairman of Taiwan Traffic Safety Committee, today said based on the data obtained, they reclaimed the moment the truck was drifting down the muddy road, before slipping off the margin


Photo: Reuters

Images from the camera in the train head showed that the driver tried to decelerate in desperation before stabbing into the truck at Thanh Thuy tunnel in Hoa Lien district, making the train dedicated on April 2.

Taroko express train burst after the accident on April 2 at the tunnel in Hoa Lien district, Taiwan Island.

"The reality is the time when the truck drifted down the track just when the Taroko express train crashed for more than a minute," Young said.

The video from the train cockpit shows the truck located on the track right in front of the collision moment.

Lee Yi-Hsiang, managing the construction site where the truck slipped down, was the main suspect in the accident.

Taiwan prosecutors filed the appeal to arrest Lee after the suspect was broke out on April 4.