Beijing warned America not to joke with fire after Washington announced the policy to encourage government agencies to access Taiwanese partners.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman was constantly in the press conference on April 13, saying "fierce opposition" with the US side, after Washington announced policy strengthening relations with Taiwan on 9


Photo: Reuters

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman was established at newspapers in Beijing, on April 8, 2020.

China called on the United States "not joked with fire in Taiwan issue, ending all forms of official exposure between US - Taiwan officials, handling cautious and appropriate."

China always considers Taiwan a consistent province, even by force if necessary.

A few days before the end of the President's term of Donald Trump, former US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo declared limited to exposures between US and Taiwan officials.

The US Department of Foreign Affairs on April 9 announced a new policy, "Encouraging the US Government to reach Taiwanese officials, reflecting our deepenous informal relationship."