The United Nations warned that the Myanmar military uses force with people and concerns the comprehensive conflict outbreak as Syria.

"I am worried that the situation in Myanmar is on the momentum falling into a comprehensive conflict. Countries are not allowed to die in the past in Syria and other places repeat," Michelle Bachelet, Cao Commissioner


Photo: AFP

Ms. Bachelet argues that the Myanmar troops "seem to intend to enhance the policy of using force without falling with people, using military weapons" and calls for immediate countries to act.

The protesters protested the coup in Threwana, Yangon, Myanmar, today.

"They're clearly prompted Syria in 2011," The United Nations Cao Commission said, referring to the beginning of the civil war lasting more than a decade in the Middle East country, causing nearly 400,000 people to kill and tie more

According to her, "reliable information" showed that the Myanmar army used a grenade launcher, fragmented grenades and a mortar in Bago in the south of last week.

Myanmar fell into a chaotic and economic scene since the military arrested the state advisor of Aung San Suu Kyi, overthrowing the elected government on half, with the reason for accusing the election fraud in the month

Meanwhile, ethnic minority armed groups recently strengthened military attacks and police, causing fear of Myanmar at risk of falling into a greater conflict.